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INVESTORS WANTED - Catholic Meditation Center & Retreat
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stephenlowe wrote in catholicretreat
INVESTORS WANTED - Catholic Holiday Village & Meditation Center & Retreat Finland
Shareholding in Limited Liability Company, Non-profit, Tax-relief, Charitable Foundation.

Current buildings: Chapel, Two Hotel Buildings, One Dormitory for 40 persons, Sauna by the Lake.
Set in four (4) hectares of virgin forest with permission for further development.

Time Share Ownership Options to Shareholders. One Million Shares offered @ US$10/share.

For development of Catholic Holiday Village & Meditation Center & Retreat of 25 Log Cabin Cottages to accommodate 4 adults.
Total accommodation for: 150-160 persons.

Target market: German, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Baltic visitors.

The site contains: Chapel, Dormitory accommodation for 40 persons, Kitchen, Dining area, Hotel with 20 rooms, Lakeside Sauna in unspoilt countryside, Pine forests.
Fishing, Horse riding, Winter skiing.

May have Aryuvedic Natural Massage and Therapy facility attended by qualified personnel.

Distance from Helsinki Airport / Helsinki City Centre: 60km or one hour by car.

For further details-;


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